Affiliate Program

💵 It's very easy to share RipplePop and get rewarded

As you may know from our pricing page, we have three simple plans for RipplePop Splash customers to pick from:

RipplePop Pro - Our $799/mo plan, 2-hours of work per day

RipplePop Part-Time - Our $1,599/mo plan, 4-hours of work per day

RipplePop Full-Time - Our $3,129/mo plan, 8-hours of work per day

If you join our affiliate program, we will give you a special offer code for you to share which would discount the first month's payment to:

RipplePop Pro - $499 first month

RipplePop Part-Time - $999 first month

RipplePop Full-Time - $1,899 first month

That code can help entice your audience or friends even more to try us out and its an offer we only extend to our affiliate network. If a friend signs up via your link, here is how we pay you for that referral:

RipplePop Pro - $135/mo per customer, lifetime

RipplePop Part-Time - $270/mo per customer, lifetime

RipplePop Full-Time - $525/mo per customer, lifetime

It's as simple as it gets. Get paid each month for the lifetime that customer is with us. This could be a great way to recommend a reliable service you can trust to others while creating a new revenue stream for yourself!

The Details

⌚ We pay your commission 1 month after your referral signs up.

💵 We pay you via PayPal.

💰 We don't cap your earnings in any way.

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