A simple reminder to thrash early.

As we work on a few new items internally I was reminded of the Seth Godin adage of thrashing early.

What this means is to ask all the difficult questions early on rather than later when things are harder to change. Can this scale? What does this look like when X happens? Is there something more efficient to use?

This thrashing, this questioning, allows you to go deep into the heart of your future problems now rather than later and address them before they become real issues.

The worst thing that can happen is thrashing late. Once you have built the tool or service, it becomes increasingly difficult to thrash effectively. Once you have made these decisions, questioning them feels like you do not believe in your own decision making even if you made the wrong choice.

Need a CRM? Don’t just go picking the first one in the Google results. Do research. Ask yourself if each CRM you look at meets your needs and potential future needs. If you pick a CRM and later find it does not fit your needs, you missed your window to effetively thrash.

So remember to thrash early. Ask the difficult questions now and plan your projects with the future in mind.