I am attempting to solve the mystery of delight.

That may sound strange but it is what I am out to do, delight our customers. At the end of the day, there are a lot of similar services or brands as yours (ours too). Very rarely are you so unique that you have no competition.

How do you stand out within your crowd? One way to approach this is to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Run through your system, product, website, etc and make sure it makes sense from the mind of a fresh user. What parts of the process are slow? What parts don’t make sense? When could you have delighted your customers or potential buyers but haven’t?

These questions put you in the right mindset for making real and impactful change on how visitors view your product or services.

I am currently working on making our new site delightful in every way. Every touch point, every line of copy, in every way possible I want to be putting a smile on the visitors face with them saying something like “this is too easy!”

To be better than your competition comes with many facets. One way you can be better is to supply your customers and potential buyers with delight and personality. Show them who you are and that might just be the reason you get picked over a competitor.