A word of advice from someone who stares at their computer all day…close your browser tabs at the end of the day.

It may seem simple but I made a change recently that made a wonderful impact on the start of my day. Typically, I put my PC or Mac to sleep when I am done working. Now, I fully shut things down.

The reason? When tomorrow rolls around, I want to leave the previous day behind. It can be very stressful to open your laptop or computer and be greeted with all of the browser tabs you had open at the end of the previous workday.

It immediately introduces stress. I see the 15+ tabs that all seem to need attention before I have even had my coffee. The immediate view of the wall of work ahead makes the morning much harder to get started feeling fresh.

My recommendation is simple, close your browser tabs and shut things down at the end of the day. The next time you open up your computer start fresh by opening your browser and one by one you can greet your morning tasks. This will greatly reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed before the day even begins.

Whatever you can do to improve your workday, I support within reason. The simple adjustment of shutting down my computer and browser when I am done working has been a small change that has produced pleasant results.