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There is no catch, we promise! We will offer the best help we can with whatever issue or question you send to us. Our help is via email only, so we can not jump into your WordPress admin area but we can recommend how to fix your issue and direct you on how to complete the fix yourself.

The goal of our Friend Group is to give people someone to turn to when random issues or questions pop up. We simply want to offer help in a more accessible way so you can feel better knowing you have someone to turn to when you need it.

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Plugin recommendations
Improving your site speed
CSS fixes
Fixing a white screen of death
WooCommerce issues
Preventing spam
Recovering a hacked site
Making updates safely
Email setup (SMTP)
SEO help
Google sitemap submission
Site security
Setting up redirects
And much much more
If you don’t see it in this list, just ask!

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