Why announce your goals or plans to others? What draws us to share what we aim to do with others?

Some might say it helps make the vision a reality, but I am here to argue the opposite. I think it’s pure ego and harmful to your goals, and here’s why.

Every time I want to lose weight or start a cool new project, I feel compelled to share this information with others. Why? Mainly for selfish reasons that inflate the ego. I want others to think I am up to productive things. Even if I don’t follow through, the ones I told are left thinking, “Wow, he is up to some cool stuff!”

The announcement of my goals or plans to others gives my ego a quick boost and falsely inflates it to feel the same as if I had already completed these goals.

What I have noticed is that if I announce my goals to others or my plans, I am way less likely to follow through on them. I believe this breaks down to holding oneself accountable. If your goal is your goal just in your head, completely self-motivated, I am willing to bet that you are more likely to complete that goal compared to someone else who shared that same goal with me.

I believe a lot of this pressure comes from this new age of social media. People now feel the need for others to know what they are up to. Think about it, your social feeds are filled with people only sharing their best moments. People often post about positive things (traveling, architecture, selfies) much more frequently than negative. This is to give the appearance of success to others. That you are doing well.

This projection causes us to think of ourselves as that person we are making ourselves out to be online. I think this is the main factor in our desire to share our goals and plans with others. It gets a response from the crowd of support and encouragement before you have done any of the work. You get all the feeling of completing the work and goals without any of the effort.

The solution is a simple one, STOP SHARING YOUR GOALS WITH OTHERS. Did caps lock and bold emphasize that enough? Try keeping your goals and plans this year under wraps until the full reveal. Learn to be self-motivated instead of inflating your ego. Stay humble, stay focused, and accomplish your goals on your own time. Don’t share a selfie at the base of the mountain, share it from the mountaintop.