Let’s talk about being remarkable.

It is easy to get caught up thinking about what makes your business different from your competitors. “Well since they offer X we should offer X+ and Y so that we are seen as better.”

While this approach helps you stay toe-to-toe with your competition you will never step out into more open pastures.

What you should think about is what makes your product, service, or business remarkable. What are the one or two things that you do that no one else does? What is something that you do that your clients will remark to others?

For us, it was always our hands on attention during onboarding. From the moment a client signed up we made sure they felt informed and knew where to go to get in contact with us. This built a lot of early trust and made people likely to tell others about us.

We can so easily spend time trying to compare ourselves to others and mimic what others around you are doing. Instead, I challenge you to become remarkable. Do things that make your clients more likely to talk about you. Your service or product could be the same as 10+ other businesses. You need to focus on the little things that keep people coming back for more and sharing you with their tribes.