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Common questions

Where are you and your team located?

Our team is based in Chicago. We have developers in the Philippines as well. Our team stays tightly integrated through tools like Help Scout and Basecamp.

When will my requests be completed?

Average turnaround for a request is about 1 business day. This depends on a few factors. A well written request description goes a long way in getting your requests done quickly.

Do you support WooCommerce sites?

We do support WooCommerce sites! We are very familiar with WooCommerce and its many extensions: Memberships, Shipping, Stripe, PayPal, and more!

How complex can requests be?

We operate by a general rule of thumb, a request should be something we can complete in about 30 minutes. That does not mean you can't ask for larger requests, it just means larger requests may need to be broken down into smaller requests to make them more manageable.

What exactly does “unlimited” requests mean?

We allow you to submit as many requests as you need each month. We do not cap at hours or anything specific like that. We typically complete around 2-3 requests per day for you. If you need more work than that each month you can sign up for a second plan to add a second developer to your account.