Hire a WordPress Developer today.

Available two ways.

Need an enterprise solution?

We can build you a WordPress team of up to 50 developers. Schedule a call to get started.

For as little as $12 a day get unlimited WordPress help. Compare that to $50+ an hour for a comparable WordPress freelancer.

Oh, and you get $1000+ in premium WordPress plugin access, Dev Days for Members, and an Account Manager. All with a 14-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Are you ready to save hundreds and thousands of dollars and gain back hours of valuable business time no longer spent in the WordPress admin area?

Common questions

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, when you pay for a year up front, you’ll get two months free.

What is the turnaround time?

Average request or revision turnaround time for Standard account users is 1-2 business days. Pro users get faster turnaround times, including same-day delivery as well as real-time communication with their Developer in Slack.

The Pro’s turnaround is fast, but it still adheres to the same factors that determine how quickly a request gets delivered. Those are: 

  1. How long you and your developer have been working together
  2. How many active requests you have in your queue
  3. The complexity and nature of your request (ie. a troubleshoot heavy request versus a content edit request)

Can you do _________?

We operate by a general rule of thumb that a request should be something we can complete within the WordPress admin dashboard. Also, a request must be something you can reasonably explain or show to us. If you’d like to see more detail on this click here to view our full scope of service.

What does the 100% satisfaction guarantee mean?

Our subscriptions come with a 14-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee for standard accounts and a 21-day 100% guarantee for Pro accounts.

If you find that the service isn’t a good fit for your business then you’ll get a 100% full refund of your initial sign-up fee within the respective time frames.

What does unlimited requests mean?

We allow you to submit as many requests as you need each month across as many sites as you manage. Your developer will work with you to make daily progress on your requests. If we don’t get it right the first time, no problem! Revisions are unlimited as well. You’re limited in the speed of the requests because we’re still humans after all.

If you need your requests delivered faster its easy to update your plan to increase your creative output.

What if I have more questions?

We’d be happy to answer them. Alternatively, email us or call us.