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Services include

$ 99

Per Month

  • Dedicated Professional WordPress Developer
  • Unlimited Requests & Revisions
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Access to Premium WordPress Plugins (+$1,000 value)
  • WooCommerce and Membership Support
  • Best in Class Customer Service
  • No Contract
  • 14-Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

One plan for allYour personal WordPress developer for your everyday web needs

$ 370

Month / Per UserGet Started

Let’s talk about what you get for your money

Let’s imagine you need about 12-15 hours of work done over the course of a month and see how that breaks down with a freelancer/agency versus our flat rate plan.

RipplePop Developer

  • Unlimited work
  • Unlimited sites
  • No additional fees
  • Monitor your tasks
  • Daily task output
  • Daily communication
  • Professional devs
  • Money back guarantee

$370/mo, flat.

Freelancer / Upwork / Agency

  • Hourly rates
  • Binding contracts
  • Poor communication
  • Pay for revisions
  • Typically goes over budget
  • No task monitoring
  • Amateur developers
  • No money back guarantee

$600 – $2250

At $50/hr – $150/hr

It’s all about the process…

When you submit your requests our Client Success Partners ensure we have all we need in order to send the request on to your developer. Your developer completes your request and a Quality Reviewer checks their work. The key to a great relationship is communication. Customers who communicate the details of their requests well receive the best results!

Not sure what to use us for?
Here are some ideas…

  • Plugin updates
  • Speed improvements
  • Theme updates
  • New Pages
  • Set-up analytics
  • Add scripts

  • Security scans/updates
  • WordPress core updates
  • Image resizing
  • Plugin recommendations
  • WooCommerce help
  • Image replacement

Common Questions

How soon can I start?

Once you sign up you will be asked to complete on-boarding. This doesn’t take too long and will help us get started on the right foot. Once you have completed on-boarding you will be invited to your personal Trello board within 24 hours and can start submitting requests.

What kind of things can I request?

RipplePop was designed to take on almost any request that can be completed within the WordPress admin area. Check out this short list of requests we can help with. If you can’t find your request on the list or are unsure then send us a message.

When can I expect my tasks to be done?

During the day our customer success team will analyze your requests and make sure all the details needed to complete the requests were provided. If we need more information we will let you know. Our success team then passes these requests on to your developer. Depending on the scope of the task, and how well you describe the request, completion could be as short as one business day.

Are there limits to unlimited?

We’re fair and we’ve found our monthly clients are as well. We support a reasonable number of tasks per client and we will let you know if you’re stretching the friendship. As a note, requests should always be written with as much detail as you can provide to ensure it is easy to understand your intent. For more details on the plan please visit our help docs.

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee for all of our clients. If you are not happy on day 1, no problem we will refund you. If you make it to day 14 and are not happy, no problem we will refund you. Easy as that.

Results for RipplePop Clients

Improving their businesses one request at a time

Freaking superstars! I've NEVER received such web amazing support - and I've been through A LOT of companies! Could not recommend the RipplePop more.

Abbey C.cavemankitchen.com.au

I love the system RipplePop uses! It was so easy working with my personal developer. They answer all my questions, handle my tasks, and help me learn WordPress.

Carrie A.amuz.ca

When someone delivers good work they deserve praise: I just got great help and service for my WP site with RipplePop!

Ellen S.the7vices.com

RipplePop has top-notch WordPress developers. Their support and communication regarding tech fixes for Duffel Blog was exceptional and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone needing ongoing WordPress support.

Paul S.duffelblog.com

RipplePop run their support seamlessly, their task management system is great, and I highly recommend them. I'm not a shill for them. I am not an affiliate. I can just say that I have been using them for over a year now and could not be happier.

Dan M.openstudionetwork.com

RipplePop is incredible, and I highly recommend them! Thank you for making my life so easy for the last year+

Angie A.angiesomm.com

I can now focus on other aspects of my business thanks to RipplePop. So far they have handled everything I have thrown at them with a smile.

Bruce J.Print Turnaround

I have been with RipplePop a long time and I can't stress enough how much time I have saved using this service. Don't miss out, this is the team you want to work with.

Scott J.CEO Consultant

Fast, excellent service for when you are in a jam or stuck. They troubleshoot whatever WordPress problems you have and get it done for you. Thank you RipplePop!

Marcus P.Professionals Advertising Associates, Inc.

I am very impressed and satisfied with the level and quality of service! Delegating my web work has freed up so much valuable time.

Patty A.pattyazzarello.com

RipplePop's attention to detail and speedy service are simply awesome! A joy to work with and it's allowed my digital workflow to stay streamlined while supporting the overall brand goals of my clients. 5 out of 5 stars!

Hannah F.Bricolage

If I had a way to get up on my roof and shout about RipplePop, I would, but I don't have a tall enough ladder. If you manage websites and want to get OUT of the web development business and focus on your content and the fun stuff, don't hesitate, hire these guys.

Allison P.Lake Travis Integrative Medicine

Streamlined and awesome. RipplePop make the process painless, I'll be going to them for all my website needs!

Mike H.Restaurateur

RipplePop has been incredibly helpful in growing my brand and online presence. They have delivered time and time again, and I am never going back to handling my site alone.

John D.goDesk

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