Today was a valuable lesson in pumping the breaks.  I had spent weeks on a new internal project that was days away from being ready for public release. Today we scraped it, and I honestly feel great about it.

Why did scrapping my weeks of work feel great? It complicated things. The thing I set out to create was meant to bring more business, draw more attention, close more sales, etc…yet it only complicated our lives.

We sat down and took a look at our new project which was ready to see the light of day, and we pumped the breaks. 

The reason this all ended up being a good thing and why I am not angry is because of how much scrapping the project simplified things for us. The new project was going to diversify our product offerings and use new tools to increase our sales and conversions. It was going to allow us to access different tiers of potential clients and better track their activity around our new site. All of this sounds great but all of this introduces new systems, new employees, new tools to setup and manage, etc. At scale it all began to look daunting, and so we scrapped it.

We pumped the breaks, took a deep breath, and realized that where we were heading is not where we wanted to go. Correcting back to a simplified approach was rejuvenating.