Friends don’t let friends do their own WordPress support.

We like to reward our brand advocates. Earn up to $2985 for every referral you bring to RipplePop! It’s a simple and easy way to earn extra cash for sharing a service you already know and love.

Two ways to make money


Use your custom referral link to promote RipplePop on your blog, your social channels, or wherever you want. When customers come to RipplePop and purchase a plan with us, you earn!

Word of Mouth

Simply tell a friend or customer about RipplePop. If they purchase a plan, then let us know and we can add their purchase to your earnings.

Common questions

When and how will I get paid?

We pay out the 1st working day of the month, after a brief holding period of 90 days for a monthly plan or 30 days for an annual plan. All payments are made via PayPal to the address provided when you sign up.

How much will I make?

We pay out 300% of the first month’s payment on any plan, up to $2985 per referral. If your customer uses a promotional code or coupon, payouts are adjusted accordingly. Otherwise, there is no cap on your earnings potential!

Are there any minimums or maximums for payments?

There are no minimums! You can earn a maximum of $2985 per referral, but there is no maximum earning potential. As long as you keep getting referrals, you’ll keep earning!

I think I’d prefer to resell WordPress Premium Support.

We like to keep things flexible for your business. If you’d like to resell our plans instead, you can join our Agency Partners program. You can even join both the Partners program and the referral program! Happy selling!