Daily Backups Keep You Safe

The best way to stay safe when things go wrong

Having worked with WordPress as long as we have, we know the value of keeping a site backed up. Even small changes can sometimes cause large problems. Having backups allows you to sleep easier at night knowing your site can always be restored to a prior backup if anything goes wrong.

Backups allow us to confidently service your requests

With backups in place, we can take on all of your requests that might make you sweat. If anything goes wrong as we work, we can simply roll the site back and be back to square one. These backups are the key to us being able to take on all of your more complex requests with ensured confidence.

Keep your database safe

With daily backups, we also backup your database. If there is ever an issue where your database gets corrupted, we will always have a working backup in place that can be restored.

Already using a backup tool?

No problem! Many of our clients already use a backup tool. Just know if you opt to use your own backup tool, we will need to request a restore from you if the work requested causes issues that would call for the site to be rolled back.


I have been with RipplePop a long time and I can’t stress enough how much time I have saved using this service. Don’t miss out, this is the team you want to work with.

Scott Jeffrey

CEO Consultant

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