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So what happens next?

You will receive an invite to Trello via the email you used to sign up. If you need that invite sent to a different email, please let us know and email us at

Once you are inside of Trello, you can start poking around and even post your first "To-Do" item. Anything you post under the To-Do column will be addressed by your developer during their next active shift.

See you inside of Trello soon!

If you need us, contact us at

How should I share logins and passwords with my developer?

Password Managers (Tools/Services)

Most agencies and people we work with are using some password manager. Whether that be LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, etc. 

If this is the case for you, you can simply add your developer (via their email) to your password tool and they can install it. Then you can simply grant them access to whatever credentials you need and maintain control over their account.

Adding Your Developer Manually to Each Site

This can be more painstaking, but some prefer this method. Simply create a new admin user on each site where you want your developer to have access. Make sure you set their admin email to their RipplePop email or the email within your org that you created for them. That way you still have some level of admin control over them if necessary.

Sharing Passwords - One-offs (Never share passwords in the body of an email or anywhere for that matter! Use this method!)

Submitting passwords to us is easy and secure when you follow these easy steps.

Go to

Enter in the site admin credentials we will use to access the site

Click "Generate Link"

When submitting a request for a site we have not serviced yet, append the generated link to the body of the request so we can gain immediate access

The beauty of is that it generates a unique link to that file that only you will know. When you send it to us and we open it, the note can never be opened again by anyone else. It self destructs. And therefore makes it an extremely secure and easy way for you to share your login information with us and know it will not cause any security issues.