Terms of Service

RipplePop's Duties and Responsibilities

RipplePop will:

Client's Duties and Responsibilities

Client will:

Payment Terms, Bill Rates, Holidays, and Fees

  1. The client will pay RipplePop for its performance at the rates set forth via our pricing plans and will also pay any additional costs or fees set forth in this Agreement. RipplePop will bill the client for services provided under this Agreement on a monthly basis. Payment is due upon registering for an account. Invoices will be supported by the pertinent timesheets and daily check-ins for documenting time worked by the RipplePop representative.
  2. If your RipplePop representative was not given work for a particular day, or simply did not use all of their hours for a particular day due to lack of work, the remaining hours from that day do not roll over and are non-transferrable.
  3. RipplePop representative are presumed to be nonexempt from laws requiring premium pay for overtime, holiday work, or weekend work. RipplePop will charge the client special rates for premium work time only when a RipplePop representative’s work on assignment to the client, viewed by itself, would legally require premium pay and the client has authorized, directed, or allowed the RipplePop representative to work such premium work time. The client's special billing rate for premium hours will be a flat fee of $30 an hour for any overtime, holiday work, or weekend work that falls outside of the standard hours of the employment agreement.
  4. All RipplePop representatives are subject to RipplePop's standard USA holidays and days off assigned by RipplePop.
  5. If the client uses the services of any RipplePop representative as its direct employee, as an independent contractor, or through any firm other than RipplePop during an active RipplePop plan or 365 days after cancellation of the RipplePop representative to the client from RipplePop, the client must pay RipplePop a fee in the amount of two times the yearly RipplePop salary for that employee.




Extended Employment and Pay Raises

Indemnification and Limitation of Liability

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Legal Fees


Term of Agreement

This Agreement will be active from the first date on which the client registers for a RipplePop plan.