Basic Policies

What will you do? What won’t you do?

It is almost easier for us to tell you what we specifically don’t do.

We try to keep things pretty simple. There are two main requirements for RipplePop tickets/tasks. The first is that the fix should be something we can complete within the WordPress admin area. The second is we should be able to complete the task in 30 minutes or less.

Out of Scope
  • Complete Page Design/Dev
  • Theme Setup
  • Site Migration
  • DNS Setup
Definite Nos
  • Your WordPress core is over 1 full version old
  • Your site is made custom and built with custom templates and not a theme
  • Your site is a multisite
  • Your server setup is complex

Bad vs. Good Tickets

Bad Tickets

A bad task is typically unclear, asks for multiple to-dos at once, or does not supply us with everything we need to finish that task.

Good Tickets

A good ticket is singular and actionable. It gives us all the detail we need to complete the task.