When you invest in something, you expect a return. This may seem extremely trivial but we often get caught up on superfluous ideas of what we want in return for our investment.

When I invest my time at work, I may expect money in return.

When I invest my time writing this post, I may expect it to be shared or have some sort of impact.

If you look at it deeply, you can see that almost anything you do in your day is an investment for a return. That may be a cynical viewpoint, but it is true.

When you do a bunch of chores to help your significant other who had a rough day, it might be out of the goodness of your heart, but there may be a small piece of you that expects that they return the favor on a day where you are not able to do those tasks.

I believe we have been tricked to what we want for our return on our investment. Too often this comes down to a monetary return when I believe the ultimate return on investment is happiness. If you are doing work that is not making you happy, you are investing your valuable time for something you don’t enjoy just for a paycheck. Sure, you might enjoy the paycheck, but what is your joy worth? What is your day-to-day happiness worth? What is your longevity worth?