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We’ve completed thousands of WordPress requests for our customers. Every now and then we will share some of the requests we’ve completed on this page. We do so hoping that it provides some inspiration for your site. Check out our full scope of services for the most up to date list of requests we support.

Recent WordPress developer requests we’ve completed for our clients

Improve My Site’s Speed



Change page SEO and how it looks when shared on Facebook and Twitter

Create a lead capture form on our landing page that ads will be driving to

Remove malware and run a security scan

WooCommerce has many facets and we can help you manage them

Shipping Rate Setup

Product Imports

Add Videos to Product Detail

External Integrations

Modify Checkout Fields

Feature a Product

Product Filtering

Product Reviews

Sales Analytics

Product Filtering

Discounts / Gift Cards

Custom Fields

Ashley's membership site needed an overhaul. We set up her up with the perfect new membership site.

Kelmscott Park needed a new site that matched the beauty of their condos and apartments, we delivered.

We created the landing page for the new Huntley condominiums in Atlanta.

We created a membership platform that allows users access restricted content.

They wanted a unique website that represented their brand and building. Designed by 3st.

Ashley needed a new site to highlight her fitness, nutrition, and health programs.

Focus Real Estate needed a new landing page to gather interest for their latest development.

Focus Real Estate wanted a beautiful site to match their beautiful new apartments.

The new site showcases their catalog and allows users to order stones from the website.

Exhibit Columbus needed a beautiful site for their incredible event in Columbus, Indiana. Designed by 3st.

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