What is the biggest problem you face each day? How are you going about fixing that problem?

Remember, your problems of tomorrow will never get fixed by simply repeating what you did yesterday.

These words of wisdom which I read in a recent blog post really stuck with me and made me think about what problems our business is facing.

Every business and every person has problems. The difference between peoples success can often be tied to their ability to work through their problems productively. What were once roadblocks are now highways.

When I step back and consider the true long term problems that we face, I often realize that what I am focusing on daily is not working to fix those problems. I often gravitate towards the work that distracts from solving the pressing issues.

When I catch myself in these moments I need to remind myself that nothing will get solved this way. I need to step back and align myself with what issues we are facing, and take them on right now.

There is no better time than now to start tackling the problems you or your business face. Your future self will thank you for putting in the effort today rather than waiting.