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Vital WordPress bug fixes.

From security, site speed, and SEO to daily backups and theme updates, you’ll never lose a customer due to a broken site.

Your personal WordPress developer.

Problems happen at the worst times. Always have someone to turn to for your website needs. Leave agencies and unreliable freelancers behind.

Dan M.Open Studio Network

“Jordan and Michael run their support seamlessly. They use Trello to manage tasks. They are based in the US. They are super responsive. I highly recommend them. I'm not a shill for them. I am not an affiliate. I can just say that I have been using them for several months now and could not be happier.”

Personal support

Unlimited edits

Detailed job notes

Ask us questions

Basic design work

Quick responses

When was the last time you held off from doing a WordPress fix because you were nervous it would break the site or cause more problems? With a RipplePop support plan you can sleep like a baby because we’ve got you covered.

Our plans are simple and we limit our clients because we truly are a two man band. Limiting our client numbers allows us to focus on providing the best support possible for you.

Because it’s WordPress support simplified.

Send in your task.

After you sign-up we invite you to a private task management board. From here you can send in your job, reply to past work, and ask us any questions about your site.

We do the rest.

We take your task and let you know when it’s in progress. Once it’s completed you get a notification from us.

That’s it!

You can submit as many tasks as you would like and we’ll work through the highest priority items first.

Limited clients. Unlimited WordPress help.

(Why do you limit your clients?)

Carrie Annamuz.ca

“I love the system RipplePop uses! It was so easy working with Michael and Jordan. They answer all my questions, quickly handle tasks, and help me learn WordPress.”

Marcus PittsProfessionals Advertising Associates, Inc.

“Fast, excellent service for when you are in a jam or stuck. They troubleshoot whatever WordPress problems you have and get it done for you. Thank you Michael and Jordan!”

Ellen Soentkenthe7vices.com

“When someone delivers good work they deserve praise: I just got great help and service for my WP site with RipplePop!”

Paul Szoldraduffelblog.com

“Jordan and Michael are top-notch WordPress developers. Their support and communication regarding tech fixes for Duffel Blog was exceptional and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone needing ongoing WordPress support.”

Abbey Cameron cavemankitchen.com.au

“Michael and Jordan are freaking superstars! I've NEVER received such web amazing support - and I've been through A LOT of companies! Could not recommend the team at RipplePop more.”

Dan M.Open Studio Network

“Jordan and Michael run their support seamlessly. They use Trello to manage tasks. They are based in the US. They are super responsive. I highly recommend them. I'm not a shill for them. I am not an affiliate. I can just say that I have been using them for several months now and could not be happier.”

Hannah F.Bricolage

“RipplePop's attention to detail and speedy service are simply awesome. Michael and Jordan are a joy to work with and the services they offer has allowed my digital workflow to stay streamlined while supporting the overall brand goals of my clients. 5 out of 5 stars!”

Bruce J.Print Turnaround

“I love knowing that Michael and Jordan can handle whatever website tasks I give them and I can focus on other aspects of my business. So far they have handled everything I have thrown at them with a smile and I can't recommend them enough!”

John D.goDesk

“RipplePop has been incredibly helpful in growing my brand and online presence. They have delivered time and time again. After being with them for 6 months, I can't imagine going back to managing my site myself. ”

Paul BroadfootBusiness Management Consultant

“Michael and Jordan from RipplePop have been amazing! So helpful, fast and skilled – worth every cent.”

Patty Azzarellopattyazzarello.com

“I am very impressed and satisfied with the level and quality of service.”

This is a feed of a few recent requests we’ve completed. We update this every few days with a small selection of tasks. You can also view our website work for clients here.

May 29, 2018

We have two sign up boxes on our home page, can you please remove the first one?

May 29, 2018

Can you please center the call to action buttons on the home page?

May 29, 2018

Can you take a look at our USPS shipping options in WooCommerce?

RipplePop WordPress Support - Jordan
RipplePop WordPress Support - Michael
RipplePop WordPress Support - Michael and Jordan

Hey! That’s us! Jordan (first), Michael (second), and ramen enlightenment in Tokyo (last).

Chat With Us

Made by two developers who knew support could be done better.

RipplePop was founded in Chicago, Illinois by Michael and Jordan. We have been best friends our whole lives. Both of us ended up becoming web developers and after working at both large agencies and small studios, together we decided it was time to do better things. We saw a huge opportunity in providing the best monthly support plan for WordPress and RipplePop was born.

From early on we wanted to pick our differentiating factor with RipplePop. There are a ton of other WordPress maintenance companies out there (WP Site Care, WP Fix It, WP Curve/GoDaddy), so why choose us?

The answer became clear as we started our journey. We gained clients and learned every step of the way how can we provide a superior service. Our edge became obvious after talking with our clients. They loved working with us, they loved the way we manage our tasks (see Trello video above), and they loved our responsiveness. We knew we had something that no other service did, we had a two man team that people trusted.

From that day on, we decided we would limit our client cap. Instead of chasing endless growth and hiring new employees as the service quality suffers, we opted to provide a fixed number of clients with the best WordPress support plan you can find.

Get your personal WordPress developer.


$79 / month

  • Your personal WordPress Developer
  • Unlimited edits to your WordPress site
  • Detailed notes from each job
  • Plugin and site recommendations
  • WooCommerce support
  • Basic Photoshop capabilities
  • Average task response time 4 - 8 hours
  • Limited client spots remaining
  • 30-Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

One Task

$35 / task

  • Your personal WordPress Developer
  • One edit to your WordPress site
  • Detailed notes from the job
  • Plugin and site recommendations
  • WooCommerce support
  • Basic Photoshop capabilities
  • Average task response time 4 - 8 hours
  • Ask about same-day turnaround
  • No monthly plan required

Need a website built?

Are there more plans?

At the moment we only offer the one main RipplePop plan. That plan is $79/mo for unlimited edits on a single site. We also offer a pay-per-task option that lets you pay $35 per task. If you have any questions about our plan or how things work you can always chat with us.

What’s the catch?

No catch, we promise. We want to provide the best support we can to our limited clients. We require tasks be completable within 30 minutes. Other than that feel free to give us as many tasks as you can per month and we will be there to help. Make sure to check our FAQ below if you have any more unanswered questions.

We see you still have questions.

How soon can I start?

Once you sign up you will be asked to complete on-boarding. This doesn’t take too long and will help us get started on the right foot. Once you have completed on-boarding you will be invited to your personal Trello board within 24 hours and can start submitting requests.

What kind of things can I request?

RipplePop was designed to take on almost any small (30 minutes or less) request that can be completed within the WordPress admin area. Check out this short list of requests we can help with. If you can’t find your request on the list or are unsure then send us a message.

When can I expect my tasks to be done?

We work and make progress on your requests every day. The better you explain your requests, the less back and forth before it gets completed. Our working process typically allows us to address 3 of your tasks every 24 hours (or about 1 task every 8 hours). Our standard work hours are Monday through Friday 9AM – 4PM CST.

How do I get the most value out of this?

If you give us just 3 jobs per month then you are getting more value for your dollar compared to hiring a developer on almost any job hiring platform.

Do you have more info about the plan?

Absolutely! All of our how-to docs and plan detail docs can be found on our knowledgebase.

What does 3 month minimum mean?

We ask all members to stick with the RipplePop service for 3 months. You will still pay on a month by month basis, but will be required to stay on for 3 months before leaving the service.

Are there limits to unlimited?

We’re fair and we’ve found our monthly clients are as well. We support a reasonable number of tasks per client and we will let you know if you’re stretching the friendship. As a note, tasks should always be small (30 minutes or less) and something we can complete from within the WordPress admin area. For more details on the plan please visit our knowledgebase.

So what won't you do?

To help make sure we can keep all of our customers happy, we only do small fixes and jobs. This means that 30-minute tasks are in scope and larger, more complex projects are out of scope. If you are unsure about how your task qualifies then check out our knowledgebase or send us a message using the live chat.

Can I use this service for multiple sites?

RipplePop is offered on a per site basis. If you have multiple sites then buy a RipplePop subscription for each one and sleep like a baby as we handle all your WordPress woes.

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all of our clients. If you are not happy on day 1, no problem we will refund you. If you make it to day 30 and are not happy, no problem we will refund you. Easy as that.

If you make it to the second month of your plan, we insist you keep your site with us in until the end of the 3rd month as per the 3 month minimum agreement in our terms of service. Subscribers can cancel by letting us know via email or live chat.

If you are looking for a one-time job completion we offer a pay by the job plan which costs $35 per task.