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We can be that special someone 👍

Unlimited WordPress developer help at a flat monthly rate. Save the hair pulling and headaches, delegate your WordPress requests to us and save your energy for your larger business goals.

You’ll have a personal developer ready for anything

Haven’t you always wanted a “web guy” to throw everything at so you can deal with other things? We can be just that web guy for you. Submit requests, ask questions, and get more done with your personal RipplePop developer ready for all your requests.

Your developer will make daily progress on your requests

Never again will you go a week with no reply from a developer. We make daily progress on your requests and also give timelines for all submitted requests. A typical request is completed in a business day but larger requests can take longer.

Your developer will learn your site in and out

We know your site is a unique mix of plugins and tools working together in a delicate balance. Whether you just want to feel safe updating your plugins, or you want us to set you up a brand new membership site, we can help. You can use your developer for day-to-day maintenance or larger development projects, the choice is yours!

Know when you submit a request, it’s in good hands

When you submit a request, a Client Success Partner will check the request and ensure you have included everything your developer will need to complete the request. Your request then gets passed on to your personal developer. Our QA team checks your developers work, and your developer notifies you when the request has been cleared by QA.

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If I had a way to get up on my roof and shout about RipplePop, I would, but I don’t have a tall enough ladder. If you manage websites and want to get OUT of the web development business and focus on the fun stuff, don’t hesitate, hire these guys.

Allison Peacock

Lake Travis Integrative Medicine

RipplePop run their support seamlessly, their task management system is great, and I highly recommend them. I’m not a shill for them. I am not an affiliate. I can just say that I have been using them for over a year now and could not be happier.

Dan Martin

Open Studio Network

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes

Frequently Asked

When can I expect my requests to be completed?

While completion times can vary greatly based on different factors, we typically complete 2-3 requests per business day. The key to requests getting done efficiently is communicating your requests well.

What exactly does “unlimited” requests mean?

We get it, “unlimited” can seem too good to be true. RipplePop clients are allowed to submit unlimited requests each month. Now, does that mean we get to each and every one? No. We generally complete around 2-3 requests per day but that all depends on the size and nature of the requests.

What kind of things can I request?

RipplePop was designed to take on almost any request that can be completed within the WordPress admin area. Check out this short list of requests we can help with. If you can’t find your request on the list or are unsure then send us a message

I have seen similar support services, what makes RipplePop different?

Why do you choose Chick-fil-A over McDonalds when you see one? Sometimes the little things go a long way. You like the chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A more (same here), and those waffle fries! We pride ourselves on offering you unmatched customer service and a personal developer that will soon feel apart of your team and make your life much easier.

Still have questions?

You may have a few lingering questions, and that’s exactly why we allow you to live chat us or watch a 14 minute demo of our service. We also have our help docs which answers more common questions about RipplePop.

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